Jessica (nowcarpediem) wrote in chhuckland,

Birthday Helpers Sign-Up

I'm looking for birthday helpers. We have several different types of helpers for this. Well, several ways a helper can help. You can sign up to help in any way that you are able. You don't have to help every week, even a few small things a month would be good enough. Perfection is not a requirement. Just a helping hand.

* Fanfics (required only 100 words, more is allowed though)
* Icons
* Signatures (for their team)
* Wallpapers

If your interested in joining the team (and if you have a idea for an official name) then fill out the form below and I'll be in touch. Please note all comments are screened for privacy. Also, all helpers, each wallpaper, fanfic of at least 100 words, 3 icons, and signature that is made will earn 15 points for their team.

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